Premium Materials

At Donsmoke only use the highest quality materials. We believe that each piece should hold its original look even after seasons of wear. Our clothes are made durable so they're easy to care for and can be worn without worries of damaging it. This also factors into sustainability because each piece can be worn for a longer period of time and it does not go to waste.

As for our clothing silhouettes we refuse to use generic blanks such as Gildan. We want to ensure full oversight in our production and guarantee that the pieces will fit the way they are intended. This also allows us to focus on finer details that simply cannot be done by using blanks.


For our cotton we use a heavy blend that more than twice the weight of normal cotton from retailers. It also gives the clothing a boxy structure to have a loose and relaxed fit. 


For our denim we use the perfect weight of 13oz so the material will not be flimsy, but at the same it will not be too heavy or hot. We believe at this weight it gives the perfect blend of flexibility and sturdiness.